How to get creative on your phone: my favorite apps

So the artist inside you is hidden far away, or maybe getting through the trouble of buying brushes with some paint does not appeal to you. Here are some news, you can get pretty creative quite easily. Especially if you have stuff to promote… I am looking at you fellow freelancers and bloggers out there! Best part? All of it can be done on your phone.



This is to create little journals. I use it when I travel to share my itinerary on Instagram. They have free templates in which you can add your images, a few fonts selection and some colors. This is really easy to use. They have a free version and you can also buy different templates. It is perfect to get started on getting creative using only your phone. After using it for a while if you feel more adventurous you can go on to the next one…

Below are different stories I created for Instagram when I was in London.


The best app there is to have some FUN. You can choose from many presets format (all social media platforms) or you can set up your own. Chose a background (color or image) and start adding elements. They have different fonts, copyright-free images and many cool functions.

Tip: Before getting started, to avoid the white-page syndrome, go through their already-made montages. They also have some nice tutorials to help you get your vision come to life.

Here are a few montages I made of my daily travels, to promote my blog and to share two posts (Visiting museums on a budget and 4 art places to avoid the crowds in London).


Well I had to include it, are there still some people who do not know that platform? (Sorry if that is your case, it’s ok we don’t judge here). Pinterest is an online inspiration pinning board. Planning a cool project but don’t know where to start? Perfect place! Start researching the images by keywords and build your own boards with all your chosen ones.

Tip: Don’t forget to 1. Follow your favorite bloggers (that means me of course). 2. Create your own pins with your Over creations. 3. Be active, add pins and share, you’ll never know what you’ll find. But be careful you might spend more time on it than expected!


This one is for the real artist hidden deep inside you. I use it less than the other because it takes a little more time. With it you can draw, you can paint, you can pastel, you name it, you can do it! For the background you can choose white paper or have fun on one of your images. If again you need some inspiration before getting started have a look at what the other Sketchers are creating!

Here are a few examples and some fun I add with a picture I took. I definitely need to practice on the app! I would strongly advise you to use it on a tablet with a stylus if you can. Especially if you want to draw with precision. Lastly very relaxing moment. We all need those!

my art bucket list How to get creative on your phone, my fave apps selection


There you have it, many new ways for you to have some fun with your pictures and get creative!

If you use any of these app show me your creations! You can send them on this blog via my contact page, share it in the comments or tag me on Instagram!

Get creative!

How to get creative on your phone: my favorite apps
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