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Hello there, welcome to My Art Bucket List!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Agathe, I am French and live in Paris, there I work in the contemporary art world. Every time I get the chance I travel, I go to museums, art centers, galleries, and all the cool places I can find. When researching travel guides I realized I could not find information on these specific places, so I decided to do my own research and publish what I found online, so it can help others as well.


What will you find on this blog?


Info on art places, food and cute shops, cool artsy stuff to do, basically what not to miss out on your next cultural travel. Check out my destinations in the menu above.


All the super info about a place in a FREE custom Google map. You can take it with you next time you travel or you can just check where are the places I am talking about. Available for my awesome subscribers, more info here.


New to the art world? Or just a little lost? Let me explain a few things. What is a curator? What is an art fair? and so on.


Fun stuff to know about travelling and the art world. Art insta accounts to follow, Best art apps, and so on.


All the art places I want to check out. Museums, art centers and other amazing sites located all-over the world. Come share yours on the page!


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The My Art Bucket List Newsletter! Get info on new posts, once-a-week, and access to the maps. Already available: Paris, London, Basel, Philadelphia, Montréal. And many more to come!

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Disclaimer: I take most of the pictures on this blog. Sometimes for illustration purposes I use some of free bank images like Canva, Pixel, etc. The one above was taken at the ICA in Boston, USA.