Hello, nice to meet you.

My name is Agathe, I am French and live in Tokyo, Japan (sometimes Paris, France), I am a digital strategist, specialized in contemporary art.

Every time I get the chance I travel, I go to museums, art centers, galleries, and all the cool places I can find.

When going trough regular travel guides I realized it was difficult to find interesting and useful information on these specific places. So I decided to help out my fellow art-lover-travelers and gather all of my research and publish it online. All of it tested and approved by me, I hope it can help others as well.

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My art bucket list London England Tate Modern


I try to update this blog regularly (while working as a  freelancer) so your support would mean a lot, feel free to share it to your fellow travel buddies and art-lovers 🙂

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We can no longer ignore the web’s impact on the planet. As someone who works mainly online and in a very image-driven field I know my actions have direct consequences on this matter. In the recent years I have started researching more on this topic and on how I can still work, present a quality website to my readers while limiting my impact on the planet. I have still a lot to learn, this website is far from perfect, it is still being improved as you are reading this.
So you may notice changes in the design, in the structure, as I learn and experiment on how I can have a more sustainable website.
I know, a website about travel claiming to be eco-conscious is a bit ironical! Of course I encourage anyone to travel locally first, we usually do not know what is next to us! 
If you have any advice, recommendations about this please send me a message below I would really like to hear from you and grow on this topic. It is a journey 🙂


Disclaimer : All of the pictures of this blog are taken by me, unless stated differently, do not use my content without asking for permission beforehand.