Cultural Travel in 2018: the good, the bad and what I keep

My art bucket list - Cultural Travel in 2018: the good, the bad and what I keep - New York
2018 started at the top of the Empire State Building, New York – USA


As the year comes to an end I thought it would be nice to reflect on 2018. Take a step back, go through my pictures and realize what did I discover, encounter, listened to, understood, the good and the bad. What I might keep with me.

At the beginning of September I did the Museum Challenge which made me realize how much I had seen in the past few months. And I saw even more in the following weeks! So here are a few points I’d like to tell you about my year in cultural travels.


Art Basel 2018, Basel – Switzerland


When art-lovers get together: art events

I told you about events in the art world: art fairs and biennales. Sometimes you might want to visit a museum but an artistic event might just be what you need. It might help you chose your next destination (btw don’t forget to check out my calendar for France, still working on the international one). They give you a different perspective on a city you already know and allow you to organize your travel differently. Art Fairs are definitely more intense in the schedule I would say since they are quite limited in time (just a few days). With Biennales you have more time to get organize so you don’t have to go at the beginning when everyone is going. Avoid the crowds wait a few weeks and enjoy the empty rooms to walk around by yourself and take in all the art. This year taught me more than ever that going to art fairs and biennials make you discover the art of today and tomorrow. If you want to be up-to-date go there!

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My art bucket list 5 art places in London
Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The London Mastaba – Hyde Park


Not everything is in a museum: architecture

I still stand by this, after walking around London, Basel and so on, it does not have to always be about the art museums. Go outside, enjoy the views, especially if the weather is on board. I remember a few years ago when I first went to New York I decided for this first discovery to not go to any museums. Shocking I know. I had the chance to be living nearby so I just walked everywhere in Manhattan, from North to South and East to West. Got lost in the city and it felt so nice. So eyes up, look around, if you know a nice building in your neighbourhood go check it out!

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Day trip idea from London: colorful Brighton + a free map! My art bucket list
Beach Huts, Brighton – UK


An adventure is waiting just around the corner: day-trips.

Sometimes you don’t have to book a whole trip abroad to get a feeling of adventure. Well I did not learn this in 2018 but still I rediscovered it I would say. In London I enjoyed so much spending a day in Brighton. I did not visit the museums I just walked around, enjoyed the sunny weather and the beach. My feet were grateful I think. I just took the time.

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Can your body keep up with your art goals: Health

Travelling on long period of time or often can be challenging. Especially if you are like me and like to have your days filled with awesome outings. Coming back from London after a month left me with really aching feet and some fatigue. I realized my tours are a bit different. Now that I report to you guys I want to deliver the best content, the best images and the best addresses. I have learnt (the painful way) that your body needs rest. Even if you have an amazing exhibition/museum to check out before leaving…



I like sharing art stuff I know: blogging

Especially doing it on the road. Sitting in a coffee shop while writing a post, editing some pictures and having a chat with locals is a blast. It sounds, cliché, déjà vu, basic. I don’t care, I loved it and I can’t wait to discover other nice coffee places in new cities! Something else I loved: sharing tips on this platform. Whether I was talking to you about travelling, the art world or many different subjects I just like the idea to share the bits of knowledge I have.

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My art bucket list The Cloisters New York


How does the art lover go places: day Job

Following up on my paragraph above I feel like I need to explain how I had the chance to travel this much in 2018. Well I did not have the job. I went to different places abroad to find one, did not, came back, left again. All this free time I used it to discover new places and learn more about myself. This is no longer my case. I got a job (yay for me) please rest assured, I am incredibly lucky and am starting to work as a freelance! This means many more coffee shops and travelling to come in 2019. Being unemployed, if you do not know about it, is a very difficult experience. Maybe I will write an article about it, giving tips to others on how to not get mad during this period. Especially for my fellow art-workers out there, we did not choose an easy path!


So what’s next for 2019?

Keeping on discovering:

a new art place/museum at least once a month.

Day-trips from Paris:

Centre Pompidou-Metz, Louvre-Lens, all suggestions are welcome.

Weekends in Europe:

Antwerp, Berlin, Copenhagen, … I don’t know how I will choose!

Some big trips coming in the summer:

can’t wait to tell you more about it…

What about you guys? Tell me your plans for 2019 and tell me what YOU would like to see more of on this blog! More city-guides, tips, art-world stuff? I want to know!!

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