my art bucket list Free Events for Art-Lovers in London

Free Events for Art-Lovers in London

Thinking about taking a trip to “The City”? Here are some info on FREE events for art-lovers in London you can attend. Get your pen and paper to write these down in your calendar. Or even better, bookmark the page so you don’t lose all this precious info!

Frieze Sculpture Park

Frieze is a company which organizes a big, important, international art fair in October in London. What is an art fair you ask? Well start here and come back afterwards, I explain it all. So I have stated before art fairs aren’t just simply fairs, they have more activities and services. For instance multiple locations for presenting artworks, like the “Parcours” at Art Basel (check it out here). Frieze Art Fair has a huge selection of exterior artworks shown to the audiences. They are installed in Regent’s Park in the heart of London, and you can see them for FREE. Even though the art fair opens in October this exhibition starts in July! So now you know you can enjoy a free outdoor exhibition of amazing sculptures, in an amazing Royal Park with of course an amazing Podcast presenting all of it. What more do you need? Oh yeah I know, some food, drinks and a nice little blanket to spend the rest of your day lying on the green grass of the park. So be sure to check it out next year!

When is it? Frieze Sculpture Park, starting in July / Frieze Art Fair, October

More info on the Frieze website.

The London Art Book Fair

You like books? You like art? Well this event is definitely made for you. Happening at the Whitechapel Gallery in London you get to check out all of the incredible components of the art-world publishing. Whether it is a gallery’s publishing brand, an independent editor working on artists’ publication or a monthly magazine about culture. You also get to talk with professionals, they will happily answer your questions about their work. Prepare you to spend quite some time there and don’t forget to check out the Whitechapel exhibitions before you go. Especially considering they are free as well.

When is it? September

More info on Whitechapel gallery’s website

First Thursdays

No matter the time of the year you go to London this event happens every month. On this day you get to see over 150 art galleries in East London organizing late-night opening, events, artists meet-and-greet, performances and so many good stuff. Make sure to check out the list of galleries and the map, digital online or in print on site, before you go. They also organize Walking and Bus tours! Again all of this for FREE. Victory! More money for scones!

When is it? Every first Thursday of the month.

More info on Whitechapel gallery’s website

Would you go to any of these free events?

For more info on London’s art scene be sure to check out my previous posts and the map!

my art bucket list free events for art lovers in London

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