My art bucket list 5 favorite free apps for art lovers

5 favorite free apps for art lovers

5 favorite free apps for art lovers which will be used for the following:

  • Daily inspiration
  • Info on shows and artist’s news
  • Practicality
  • Fun

1. See Saw

This is probably the first one I started using. Very easy to use. You can locate the galleries’ shows near you, see the places either on the map or by list. If you want to see many ones you can save your selection. That’s good especially if you can do it in the morning over breakfast to plan your visits for the day. Or even in transit so you know exactly where to go when you arrive to your destination! Why do I have the feeling I am the only one doing that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At first it was only covering the New York scene, now it can also be used in: Los Angeles, Berlin, London and Paris. YAY!

Finally if you need help making the selection they also have an “editor’s pick”. Don’t get fooled by the “empty” mood of the map. Summer in Paris is very, very calm. Most galleries close for the summer. I might do another screen shot in September to show a more “back-to-school” atmosphere…

2. Art Passport (& Galleries Now)

This app showcases 360° tours of exhibitions around the world. If you are not traveling to this place or the show will end before you get there you can still get the full experience on your smartphone!

It is powered by the website Galleriesnow, which gives you info on all the shows in many cities (Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, São Paulo and so on). And you can get info on the nearest shows. There is a bookshop category presenting publications from all the galleries.If you are a book/catalog (any type really) fanatic like me you will enjoy this!

Last but not least, they also provide a gallery map in multiple places. I talked about this map in my London’s art places post, check it out here. It is quite useful, especially if you don’t have an international phone plan, you can turn off that WiFi and go back to paper for once!!

3. ArtForum

First and foremost ArtForum is an international printed magazine about the art market. They do exhibitions reviews, in-depth interviews and share news. It is probably the most important printed media in the art market.

On their app there is an agenda with the on-going shows in museums, art centers and galleries. With also an editor’s selection. If you are familiar with the magazine it is interesting to see what the journalist you read are showcasing.

Tip: if you see a review about an exhibition in your destination don’t read it! Save it, go to the show, make up your own opinion and then read the review. It is always interesting to see if you agree/disagree with the art critic and make up arguments about it in your mind. Afterwards feel free to share them on social media, but… stay classy please. Always remember, no matter whether if you liked it or not, the artist who produced the work poured his/her heart and soul into it.

4. Google Arts and Culture

This app will give you many information about art history, art news and what is going on. It also has a nearby feature, since you know, it is google. All of this sounds fun, but let’s have more fun. Let’s take an art selfie!

Want to find out who your painting doppelganger is? Go on the app, take a selfie, boom, you are a Dutch oil painting masterpiece from the 15th century. Or from 17th. Or one from Italian Renaissance.  Below enjoy a fancy picture of my very tired self to illustrate. You’re welcome. Apparently I am from 1930 and Italian, the painting is in Venice (I like this very much).

5. Magnus

This app is advertised as the “Shazam” of the art. I must say it is. Snap a picture of an artwork and it will tell you all about it. It works! Of course the app does not have the info on the very new, up-and-coming artist you saw in that very small gallery. However if it is not on the database, an art-historian will look at the photo you sent and search for its info. Quite professional. And fancy.

The app also gives info on current shows, curated by art advisors living and working in the cities.

(6. Instagram)

I know you already know that one but I HAD to include it, as a bonus. I spend so many hours, daily, roaming this platform looking through countless artist’s profiles, art critics, galleries, curators, etc.

Tip #1: Create your own “art collection”, when you see art you like and think “oh I can definitely see that in my place” SAVE IT. You won’t regret the day you got that extra cash and want to give yourself a little (or a lot of) something.

Tip #2: You might as well create your own art bucket list. (Hehe)

Tip#3: You should definitely be following me…here to see my perfectly curated feed (oh irony).

If you are an Instafanatic (just like me) stay tuned I will be doing a post about art accounts you should follow and why!

Tell me which art app do you use?

My art bucket list 5 favorite free app for the art lover

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