3 art fairs in NYC

If you are planning a trip to New York, a good time might be March. During this period there is a massive art fair happening, which means, well first, art, second nice openings and even more with satellite art fairs. Let’s go!

James Cohan Gallery booth, artworks Xu Zhen and Alison Elisabeth Taylor


One of the most important art fair in the international art market. Happening on the piers, you will get to see what is going on in the art world at the moment. This year’s ringed the fair’s 25th anniversary. It first started at the Grammercy Park Hotel in 1994 and was founded by 4 NYC based art galleries, they used the rooms as booths!

If I had a remark to say something though, it would be about the entrance price… 60$ per person. Perks of working in the art world you get invites!

The Armory Show

Entrance price 60$

Volta Plan B 2019 at David Zwirner, Chelsea, NYC, USA
Fausta Squatriti

The up-and-coming: Volta Plan B

This year the fair had to relocate, it is supposed to take place in the same area as the Armory. But for safety reasons they had to close down the pier hosting the fair and…. Cancel it. Can you imagine? Two weeks before the fair? Having to tell all the galleries the fair will not take place! Fairs are extremely expensive for art galleries, they are an investment and a risk, because you do not know if you will end up selling the art or going home with it. It could potentially mean for a young or small gallery the end.

But the fair did happen. Blue Chip gallerist David Zwirner saved the day and offered his Chelsea gallery space to welcome the fair. A new selection of galleries was made (the ones that would have been hit hard by the cancellation) and the fair opened as planned. And the buzz created served as a great communication.

Free admission

Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan
Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan

The Hybrid: Independent

This fair is kind of special, it is presented as an hybrid between the art market and the curated exhibition. They digress voluntarily from the way art fairs are usally presented and present a lot of solo shows. It can feel a bit more like a biennale rather than a space where you can buy art. The size of it is also, like Volta, more doable in a short amount of time. So you can actually appreciate the art without FOMO. Because well staying in Manhattan gets really expensive so you will optimize and enjoy that time of yours.


Free admission

Sunset in NYC
Gil Batle

Tell me now, would you go to NYC to visit these?
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More stuff

I had so much fun in NYC, being back there just a year later…and I can’t wait to go back! Did you watch my Insta stories while I was there? When travelling I try to post daily on Instagram so I can take you inside the fairs, galleries, museums and of course the city. Here are a few shots I took during my trip.

Variety Coffee Roasters
Flat Iron Building
Central Park

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